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HC2104: TAMCO Euro Clear

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Tamco HC2104 Euro-Clear 2:1

HC2104 European Clear delivers a premium-quality, high gloss finish. HC-2104 is 54% solids offering superior gloss, high build, and outstanding resistance to shrinkage and dieback either air-dry or bake.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 gallon of HC2104
  • 2 quarts of HH7605

This is TAMCOS finest Hi-Solids-Clear

Like all of our PREMIER SERIES clears, TAMCO uses the maximum amounts of 2 UV absorbents.

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For Professional Use Only
Proper Ventilation and fresh air respirator Required
Not for sale or use by the general public

Mix Ratio: 2:1

Optional: 10 - 15% HR1370 Reducer

- USE ONLY TAMCO HR Series reducers which are guaranteed moisture free! Moisture in reducers will kill this product's shine 100% of the time!

  • Viscosity 19-22 seconds in #2 Zahn Cup
  • Pot Life 2 hours at 70F
Gun Setups:
  • Conventional Siphon Feed: 1.3 mm - 1.6 mm (0.050" - 0.063")
  • Gravity Feed: 1.3 mm - 1.6 mm (0.050" - 0.063")
  • HVLP Siphon Feed: 1.3 mm - 1.6 mm (0.050" - 0.063")
  • Gravity Feed: 1.3 mm - 1.6 mm (0.050" - 0.063")

Air Pressures :

  • Conventional Panel Overall Siphon Feed: 45-55 psi at the gun 45-55 psi at the gun
  • Gravity Feed: 45-55 psi at the gun 45-55 psi at the gun
  • HVLP 8-10 psi at the gun 8-10 psi at the gun
Application: Allow base-coat to dry 15-30 minutes
    • 30 minutes if applying multiple coats of pearl or if shop is below 70F.
    • Apply 2 medium-wet coats of HC-2104 with 15-20 minutes flash between coats
    • Do not apply more clear after 2 hours from completion.
    • HC2104 is a water "white" clear!
    • This product "flows" and you will see it level off by itself. The slower the reducer, the greater the leveling.
    • Can be easily buffed if TAMCO 7600 blended hardeners are used
    • Can be baked at 140 for 30-40 minutes and is 90% cured (to buff or deliver)

See below for more Flash/Dry Times (Air Dry):

  • Flash Between Coats: 10 minutes
  • Dust Free: 60 minutes
  • Time to Assemble Overnight
  • Time to Polish Overnight
  • Time to Stripe Overnight
  • Time to Deliver Overnight
  • Time to Decal 48 hours

Flash/Dry Times (Bake @ 140F):

  • Flash Before Bake 0-5 minutes Cycle Time 30 minutes at 140F metal temperature
  • Dust free: At cool down
  • Time to Assemble: At cool down
  • Time to Polish: 20 minutes after cool down
  • Time to Stripe: 20 minutes after cool down
  • Time to Deliver: At cool down

Polishing: Optimum Times:

  • Air Dry: Overnight @ 70F
  • Bake: 20 minutes after cool

Sanding: Use 1500 grit or finer or use 1500 DA or finer

Compounding: Use finishing compound. Apply a thin ribbon of material to the area to be polished. Use a double sided wool pad or a foam pad. Maintain air polisher or variable speed polisher at 1800 - 3000 rpm. Remove excess finishing compound with a clean soft cloth prior to applying finishing polishing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wilf Holroyd
TAMCO 2104 euro clear

Just wanted to thank Elyssa for the awesome service. This is one of the nicest clears that I have sprayed in years. Laid down like glass with an iawata supernova with a 1.4 tip on the Cadillac Escalade that we did a complete on. I am looking forward to using this clear on the next jobs. I would recommend that you give it a try. Thanks. Wilf Holroyd, Triple H Kustom Restorations.

Orangepaint Factory
Quality clear

This is a high quality clear and covers graphics very well. Make sure you intercoat any airbrush work prior to clear. This is one of the best clears I have colorsanded and buffed. Gave me amazing results. Service and delivery from Maple Airbrush Supplies was top notch.

Tom Bedo

An excellent performance clear coat!

larry joly
awsome clear!

The clear is great! High build over graffic design nice depth and great gloss just like the the RM glamor clear and more. In this photo the rear fender and saddle bags were cleared with 2104 euro clear and the tank and front fender cleared with RM DC92 10 years ago. This clear is no longer available in Canada. I'm sticking with temco as much as possible.

chase baptie
Could not be happier

Full time aircraft painter
Part time motorcycles.

This clear is by far the best I've ever used, even beats the acryglo aircraft certified clear I normally use and its 2x the price.

Shipping was right on time!