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Color Wheel Set


Createx Illustration Color Wheel Set

Detailed airbrush performance without compromise. Illustration Colors are highly pigmented, transparent colors which dry to a durable matte finish. These colors meet the expectations of artists who demand airbrush performance straight from the bottle as well as versatility in applications and effects. Although reduction is not necessary, they can be reduced to create very transparent colors. Illustration colors are easily erasable and scratch-able, they are also compatible with the 4030 inter-coat clear. Once cured they are durable enough not to need a top coat, however, they may be top coated with any clear type including catalyzed urethane clears.

The illustration Color Wheel Set includes 16 colors:
  • 5050 Illustration White
  • 5051 Illustration Black
  • 5052 Illustration Yellow
  • 5053 Illustration Scarlet
  • 5054 Illustration Orange
  • 5055 Illustration Violet
  • 5056 Illustration Red Violet
  • 5057 Illustration Blue Violet
  • 5058 Illustration Viridian
  • 5059 Illustration Cobalt Blue
  • 5060 Illustration Cerulean Blue
  • 5061 Illustration Magenta
  • 5062 Illustration Burnt Umber
  • 5063 Illustration Sepia
  • 5064 Illustration Burnt Sienna
  • 5065 Illustration Moss Green
  • 5090 Transparent Base
  • 4012 High Performance Reducer