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IWATA: Maxx Jet Compressor

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It's easier than ever to take your art on the road! Housed in a strong, protective travel case, the Maxx Jet Compressor features a powerful 1/6 HP oil-less two-pole motor that powers the Eclipse G-3, G-5, and G-6 (and light use with the RG-3).

It includes

  • dual-manifold air regulator,
  • airbrush and spray gun holders,
  • 2.5-liter air storage tank,
  • internal cooling fan,
  • two braided air-hoses for an airbrush and spray gun,
  • a tank pressure gauge
  • removable drawer
  • retractable handle, and a detachable top that opens to reveal an accessory tray.
  • Strong, protective travel case with wheels and retractable handle
*Spray gun, airbrush and accessories not included.