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Celebrating 10 Years! Free shipping @$ 150.00 *exclusions apply


Mr. Finishing Surfacer Pink

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Color: 1500

Mr. Finishing Surfacer Pink 1500 

This primer is a great choice it will not hide or cover and details.

  • Elimination of minor scratches irregularities, and small defects and to give a smooth surface structure before final painting.
  • diluted/reduce/thin with a solvent  thinner

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Robert Keys
Pink primer? Yes!

Yellow is a notoriously difficult colour to get decent coverage. A white primer it traditionally suggested to improve yellow coverage and reduce the number of coats required. Pink is a great alternative, and has the bonus of providing richness to the final yellow.

This primer thins well with Mr. Levelling Thinner to produce a spray ready primer. It goes on evenly and produces a smooth, hard semi gloss finish that is ready for you top colours. It worked beautifully and provided a base that yielded sufficient yellow coverage in only a single coat!

Eric Johnstone
Mr Surfacer

Always reliable, the pink adds another option for the excellent lacquer primer, works well under yellow.