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NEO for Iwata BCN

  • This siphon feed (bottle) airbrush is best suited for the hobbyist or artist needing to cover a larger working area while providing enough precision control for medium detailed spraying. With the ability to quickly swap between colors, a wider spray pattern and a high paint flow for complete coverage makes the Iwata NEO BCN an excellent workhorse of an airbrush.

    • 0.50 mm Needle / Nozzle combination
    • Siphon feed (bottle) airbrush
    • 1oz. (30 ml) Big Mouth bottle
  • Paint Reservoir Needle/Nozzle Trigger Action Spray Pattern
    1 oz.(30 ml) Siphon Feed 0.50 mm Needle / Nozzle Combination Dual-Action Hairline to 2 in. (50-mm) Round
    Features Optional Features Product Name Item No.
    1 oz. (30 ml) Big Mouth Bottle 0.35 mm Needle / Nozzle Combination Neo for Iwata BCN N-2000
    NEO BCN Tip Size Nozzle Nozzle Cap Needle O-Ring Notes
    Standard 0.50 mm N-080-2 N-140-2 N-075-2 N/A
    Optional 0.35 mm N-080-1 N-140-1 N-075-1 N/A

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