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NEO for Iwata BCN Siphon Feed Airbrush

NEO for Iwata BCN Siphon Feed Airbrush

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by iwata by Anest iwata

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NEO for Iwata BCN Siphon Feed Dual Action Airbrush

This siphon feed (bottle) airbrush is best suited for the hobbyist or artist needing to cover a larger working area while providing enough precision control for medium detailed spraying. With the ability to quickly swap between colors, a wider spray pattern and a high paint flow for complete coverage makes the Iwata NEO BCN an excellent workhorse of an airbrush.

  • 0.50 mm Needle / Nozzle combination
  • Siphon feed (bottle) airbrush
  • 1oz. (30 ml) Big Mouth bottle

NEO For Iwata Series airbrushes are designed to deliver soft, effortless coverage at low air pressures, making them an easy choice for many types of spray applications. Fine atomization is achieved with the smallest air compressors, making NEO an affordable option for general purpose spraying and for anyone wanting to airbrush for the first time.

Effortless Coverage is one of iwatas 5 Ways to Spray categories. Who Sprays with Effortless Coverage? Makers and creators who...

  • Spray medium range detail and coverage area.
  • Great atomization at low air pressures.
  • Have beginner to high-level airbrush skills
  • Are hobbyists or professional painters

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Trisha Hodson (Victoria, CA)

Great gun, great service, will be buying again