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HC2021 High Solid Clear Kit

HC2021 High Solid Clear Kit

SKU: HC2021G-Slow

by Tamco

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Tamco HC2021 2K Clear Coat

An ultra high solids clear that works great for burying art work, flake and tape lines. Due to its mixing ratio it is the same solids as HC-2104 but has a higher viscosity making it a little more difficult for first time users who aren't accustomed to a clear this thick. As with all other Tamco clears HC-2021 contains the maximum amount of useable UV absorbers and DTM resins.

HC2021 Technical Data Sheet (PDF FILE)


Gallon / Medium:
  • HC2021 - CLEAR (Gallon)
  • HC61 - High Solids Hardener (Quart)
  • HR1370 - Medium Reducer (Quart)
  • Paint Strainer (Free Add on When in Stock) - 125 micron
  • Wooden Mixing Stick (Free Add on When in Stock)

Gallon / Slow:

  • HC2021 - Clear (Gallon)
  • HC61 - High Solids Hardener (Quart)
  • HR1380 - Slow Reducer (Quart)
  • Paint Strainer (Free Add on When in Stock) - 125 Micron
  • Wooden Mixing Stick (Free Add on When in Stock)
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Before using any TAMCO products be sure to read all safety warnings and TDS Please read all directions carefully.

For Professional Use Only
Proper Ventilation and fresh air respirator Required
Not for sale or use by the general public

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jus Cuz Customs (Edmonton, CA)

It is always wonderful to talk with Donna or Elyssa. They either have exactly what we are looking for or can suggest a few options based on what we explain what we need to accomplish. And they are super friendly!

Kevin Staal (Camrose, CA)
Clearly the best

Finally got to use it on my running boards for my 54 GMC. Flowed out nicely and after curing for a couple of days sanded and polished to a mirror like finish. Giving away my previous clear to some poor woodworker.