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Mack Brushes

#M/T - BP

Mack/Tidwell - Broken Pinkies - Set of 6

Mack/Tidwell Broken Pinkies: Set of 6 Synthetic brushes

When you’re working on finks, eyeballs, monsters, etc. these brushes will prove themselves invaluable. Make all of your detail work faster and easier, plain and simple.

These brushes work great with enamels, acrylics, oils, and I’m sure they will work with just about any other medium. 

  • MULLET : Long bristles, 1/4 flat that is Great for lettering, filling, etc
  • SCRUBBY: Short bristles, 1/4 flat blender and all around useful brush. 
  • SCRIPTY: Long bristles, square lettering brush with a million uses. 
  • PICK UP LINE: Long sharp bristles, this is an Amazing outliner. 
  • POINTY: Super fine detail brush and outliner… I use it for everything. 
  • STUBBY: This is basically a #2 round with infinite uses. 

This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.