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Wicked Gold Chrome

Wicked Gold Chrome

SKU: W358-01

by Createx

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Wicked Gold Plating a highly reflective, aircraft-grade flake. Spray directly from the bottle. Gold Plating has excellent adhesion direct to any surface and can be applied direct to glossy, non-sanded surfaces such as powder-coat, urethane finishes, plastics, and more.

Apply Gold Plating in very, very light coats. It's essential that some of the black base be visible through the Gold Plating even on the direct view. It cannot be stressed enough how light Gold Plating is applied; too much and the brilliant gold effect is lost.

Be patient! Like any special effect paint let it cure! The gold effect will only get better once cured!

  • Do Not Reduce
  • Gold Plating is a water-based gold effect paint.
  • durable compared to anything on the market
  • Apply over a gloss black or gloss white surface
  • Clean up with 5618 Airbrush Cleaner
  • Once cured it can be cleared

For best results: it should be applied, over high gloss black or gloss white finish. The gold plating needs to be applied in light "mist" coats, building up slowly until you should still see the gloss black straight on.

Let it Cure! The gold plating effect will improves as it cures, waiting a few days (48 hours)

Anodized Colors - Mix Gold Plating 1:1 Candy2O for a true, brilliant anodized color.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Curtis Worthing (Brantford, CA)
Wicked Gold

Fantastic shade of gold, closer to a 14k then a 24k. Good coverage and spraying characteristics, typical of Createx Paints. First go was over black. I think I will try chrome yellow or a red/orange for the next try. The gold is going to be a base for CO2 candy orange1.

Kevin Hansen (Calgary, CA)
Fine pigment

Turned out great with fine pigments. Tried with gloss white and gloss black primer, looked best over gloss black.