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Createx Colors


Wicked 2oz Secondary Set

Createx Wicked Colors they are multi-surface airbrush paints suitable for textile, automotive & hard-surface, canvas, paper, plastic, wood textiles, lures and more.

  • Dries to a matte finish
  • Light-fast
  • Sprays smooth with a silky, finely atomized pattern and is self-leveling
  • Excellent adhesion and may be masked with automotive tape
  • Suitable for entire vehicle paint jobs or graphics
  • Inter-mixable to allow limitless color blends and effects inter-mixable

Reduce with 4011, 4013, 4020 for added durability mix 4030 Balancing Clear  can be over reduced

This Wicked Secondary Set Includes 2oz. bottles:
  • W004 Orange
  • W006 Violet
  • W009 Pthalo Green
  • W010 Brown
  • W011 Golden Yellow
  • Reducer