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What makes the Custom Micron so great? Perfection! The Micron is machined to extremely high tolerances and is assembled by highly skilled technicians who scrutinize every inch of the Micron before approving each airbrush for shipping.  The end result is a finely tuned, precision machine that kills the competition. The Custom Micron sprays flawlessly, delivers superior atomization and boasts a few cool new features:

Who sprays with Absolute Precision? Makers and creators who...

- Are painting with fine to extreme detail and scale

- Are using thin spray material or who are skilled at reducing paint for optimal flowHave high level airbrush skills

- Know how to care for and maintain airbrushes

Absolute Precision

iwata by Anest iwata TAKUMI Custom Micron Side-Feed $689.97 CAD
iwata by Anest iwata Custom Micron: CM-C Plus $697.97 CAD
iwata by Anest iwata Custom Micron CM-C $659.97 CAD
iwata by Anest iwata Custom Micron CM-B $639.97 CAD