Airbrush Paint

Special Order Paints: Please allow 10 - 15 days for Maple to receive the special order sizes. 

 Auto Air Colors: premium water-based automotive paints that are universally compatible with other solvent-based/waterborne airbrush paints, primer and clears. Designed for non-porous surfaces these inter-mixable colors are an excellent choice for adding graphics and special effects to existing finishes.

Wicked Colors: ultra-high performing airbrush paints with exceptional flow and atomization properties. These durable, multi-surface paints excel at fabric, t-shirt, illustration, custom graphics and automotive applications.

Illustration/bloodline: very popular illustrators; fine artist; automotive; mural and a wide range of other airbrush artists due to it's ease of use, spray-ability and light-fast automotive grade pigments. 

Candy2O: transparent water-based colors that combines urethane resin technology with crystal-clear dyes to deliver a truly brilliant candy performance.

AutoBorne Sealers: establish a strong foundation and an easier path to a professional finish for any automotive, panel or graphic. The sealers level to a flat, hard finish that reduces surface tension requiring less material needed for subsequent color coats.