Wicked Colors Technical Data Sheets | Usage and Application Information

Wicked Colors Technical Data Sheet 

Acrylic Resin
VOC 27.7 g/L Reg.

Edited 05 October 2023


Wicked Colors are water-based, fluid acrylic colors for airbrush and spray-gun application. Wicked Colors are a “multi-surface” airbrush paint suitable for any paint project, from rigid substrates such as plastic, wood and automotive to flexible substrates and fabrics. Wicked Colors are made with a durable, acrylic resin intended for exterior, or outdoor, applications, and lightfast pigments that withstand direct light exposure in the harshest, brightest of conditions.

Wicked Colors are a diverse line of airbrush paints that include many types of colors. For the standard Transparent Colors, to the artist palette of the Detail Colors, there are also many pearlized and metallic colors, as well as pearl-flakes, which are held in a transparent, acrylic suspension.
there is the diver translucent fluid acrylic, airbrush colors that cover semi-opaque out of the bottle due to a high pigment volume and can be extended to make colors more transparent. Wicked Colors

Wicked Colors can be sprayed directly from the bottle onto the substrate, such as when painting textiles and canvass, or a mixing clear can be added to Wicked Colors for increased adhesion and durability when painting substrates such as plastic, 3D composite material, urethane, aluminum, primer, wood and existing (OEM) finishes.

Thinning and Mixing Wicked Colors

# Usage - Instructions
Wicked Colors can be used one of 3 ways:

  • Sprayed directly from the bottle.
    • Spray with a 0.5mm tip-size at higher psi settings
  • Thin with 4011 Reducer
  • 401 Reducer is generally added to Wicked Colors 10% to 30% per volume depending upon the airbrush tip-size, color type and technique.
  • For a 0,5mm tip-size airbrush, 4011 Reducer is added ~ 10 per volume to Wicked Colors.
  • Add to Wicked Colors either:
  • 4030 Balancing Clear or 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear
  • 4030 or 4050 is added ~ 10% per volume to Wicked Colors, then thin as needed with 4011 Reducer.

Wait 10-Minutes After Reducing for Optimum Flow
For optimum flow and leveling, allow colors to acclimate for 10+ minutes after thinning with 4011 Reducer before spraying. The alcohol in 4011 Reducer lessens surface tension of the water, which is noticeably smoother, especially when applying with a spray-gun.


Transparent Colors

# Definition
Standard Wicked Colors are transparent graphic colors that cover semi-opaque of the bottle due to a high pigment volume and may be extended to make a more translucent color. Wicked Transparent Colors are extremely versatile and may be used with most any airbrush tip-size and spray-gun with a 1.2mm or 1.3mm tip-size.

  • Generally, Transparent Colors are thinned 10% per volume with 4011 Reducer for use with a 0.5mm tip-size airbrush sprayed ~ 25 – 30 psi.
  • Thin in greater amounts for use with smaller airbrush tip-sizes and reduced air pressures.
  • Mixed with 4030 Balancing Clear 10% per volume for application direct to scuffed OEM finishes, cured urethane base paint or primer, plastic, 3D print composite, fiberglass, carbon, aluminum, and any other hard-surface or rigid substrate.

Opaque Colors

# Definition
Wicked Opaque Colors stand out in the Createx paint line due to their specialized acrylic-urethane resin composition. This unique blend allows them to deliver performance akin to automotive urethane paints, making them ideal for airbrushing on hard surfaces, automotive projects, cosplay, and modeling. These water-based paints offer a range of benefits, including superior spray performance, quick drying times, and excellent adhesion and leveling. Crafted with lightfast pigments, Wicked Opaque Colors are suitable for both exterior and automotive use. Wicked Opaque Colors are Createx’ s most adaptable and adherent paint, designed for application through any airbrush tip size and best sprayed with a tip size ranging from 1.2mm to 1.3mm.

Functions of Wicked Opaque Colors:

  • Excellent coverage when thinned with 4011 Reducer up to 10% per volume. 
  • Do not require use of either 4030 or 4050 mixing clears as is recommended for other Wicked Colors due to its acrylic – urethane resin blend.
  • Can be generously reduced with 4011 Reducer for an excellent fine-line, high performance detail airbrush paint sprayed through a 0.18mm tip-size airbrush at low psi settings.
  • Offers both coverage when thinned minimally, and fine-line, high performance when reduced generously.
  • Versatile. Exceptional adhesion direct to difficult-to-paint substrates such as plastic, 3-D composite material, urethane, aluminum and more.  Can also be used on textile and t-shirt, although colors are stiffer compared to Wicked Transparent Colors and Createx Airbrush Colors which have a softer feel when applied to fabric.

Wicked Opaque Colors are easy to use as an airbrush paint for modeling, cosplay, costuming, RC, hobby, gaming colors and more with excellent adhesion direct to substrate without requiring a mixing clear. Simply thin as needed with 4011 Reducer and spray direct to the substrate primer or paint.

Wicked Opaque Colors are excellent automotive graphic and airbrush colors with exceptional adhesion that can be taped on direct, sanded rolling paint direct to any substrate other than silicone, and to any paint or primer type, so long as its thoroughly cured. Best practice is to prepare by scuffing and cleaning the underlying finish before applying Wicked Opaque Colors.

Fluorescent Colors

# Definition
Fluorescent hues are characterized by their vibrant, almost glowing appearance. These colors are formulated using specialized dyes that have the ability to capture light and then re-emit it, resulting in a luminescent effect. This process is scientifically termed as 'fluorescence,' where the dye absorbs photons and subsequently releases the energy in the form of visible light. This emitted light enhances the brightness of the color, making it stand out when compared to non-fluorescent colors exposed to the same light conditions.

However, it's important to note that fluorescent colors, such as Wicked Fluorescent Colors, lack lightfastness. Over time, the fluorescent effect weakens as the dye's energy depletes with each excitation cycle. Prolonged exposure to direct light will eventually cause the color to fade.
To help hide eventual loss of color, color-match Fluorescent Colors with a base color, for example Fluorescent Red over AutoBorne Sealer Red, so the loss of fluorescent color is not as noticeable as it would be if it were applied over a white base.
All fluorescent colors will eventually fade from exposure to direct light. The longevity of the fluorescent color will be affected by how many coats are applied, so it’s always a good idea to add an extra coat or two of a fluorescent color if it’s intended to have exposure to direct light. For optimum longevity to direct light exposure, such as an outdoor mural, apply Wicked Fluorescent Colors over a color-keyed base color of AutoBorne Sealer, and apply Fluorescent Colors in multiple coats, achieving full saturation of the color.

Wicked Fluorescent Colors can be sprayed with any airbrush tip-size with minimal thinning with 4011 Reducer. For spray-gun, use a 1.2mm tip.

Wicked Pearl & Metallic Colors

Wicked Colors has a wide variety of pearls and metallics.

  • For the best orientation of the pearlescent or metallic pearl, mix with 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear. 4050 orientates (spaces out the pear & metallic particles) evenly for a uniform pearlescent or metallic color finish that has dimension and brilliance.
  • 4030 Balancing Clear can also be added 10% per volume to Wicked Pearl and Metallic Color for i9mporved orientation compared to not adding a mixing clear to pearlescent or metallic colors, but for the optimum pearlescent or metallic finish, mix with 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear.
  • Best sprayed with a 0.5mm tip-sized airbrush or a spray-gun with a 1.2mm – 1.3mm tip-size.

Pearlescent Colors are pigment-toned, mother-of-white pearl powder made to create bright, vivid colors with a prismatic, pearlescent effect. Wicked Pearlescent Colors cover semi-opaque and are best applied over AutoBorne 6001 Sealer white, 6002 Sealer Black, or color-keyed with an AutoBorne Sealer Color.

Metallic Colors are earth-toned metallic colors that cover semi-opaque. They are most often applied over a neutral base color, such as AutoBorne 6001 Sealer, 6002 Sealer Black and 6003 Sealer Grey.

Aluminum Colors – W355 Fine, W354 Medium and W356 Coarse are varying grades of actual aluminum-flake suspended in a transparent base. For an even orientation, and quick coverage, apply Aluminum Colors over a base of AutoBorne 6013 Silver Sealer. 6013 is made with a mixture of the same aluminum flakes, allowing Aluminums to cover quickly to help avoid a rough looking finish created by “stacking” the aluminum-flakes with too many coats.

W357 Quicksilver, W358 Gold Chrome – Billet aluminum colors that are best applied over a gloss white or gloss black base for reflection of light through the aluminum particles, creating the chrome-like effect.

  • Apply in very light coats. Light must pass through the color to reflect off the gloss base in order to create the chrome effect.
  • For the best chrome-like effect, apply over a gloss white base, and allow the color to thoroughly cure before top-coating with a gloss clear.
  • Allow a minimum of 6-hours air dry before top-coating with a gloss clear. W357 same as 4104 Quicksilver.
  • Spray with a 0.3mm tip-size or larger ~ 30 psi.
  • Spray straight from bottle. Do not thin with 4011 Reducer or mix with 4050 or 4030.

Pearl-Flake Colors

# Definition
Wicked Pearl-Flake colors are actual flakes of pearl suspended in a transparent base.

  • Traditionally applied over a black base such as AutoBorne 6002 Sealer Black
  • Can be applied over a color-keyed base color, or directly mixed with colors.
  • Wicked Pearl Flakes are compatible with all other Createx paints. For example, mix candy2o colors directly with Wicked Hot Rod Sparkle and Cosmic Sparkle Colors.

Pearl-Flake Colors are somewhat concentrated in the bottle and can be generously extended by mixing with 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear.

  • Mix Wicked Pearl-Flake Colors in even amounts (1:1) with 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear. Thin with 4011 Reducer.

Pearl-Flake Colors mix excellent with candy2o.

  • Mix candy2o, pearl-flake and 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear in equal parts, or with greater amounts of 4050 added to the total mix volume to lessen bleeding.
  • Thin as needed with 4011 Reducer.

Top-coat Pearl-Flake colors with a gloss clear to best view the pearl effect.

  • Apply a catalyzed (2k) solvent-based, gloss urethane clear for automotive and exterior paintjobs.
  • Apply 4053 UVLS High Gloss Clear over Pearl-Flake Colors for interior and art & hobby.
  • Wicked Colors are compatible with any type of clear including catalyzed urethane and epoxy clears.

Types of Wicked Pearl Flake Colors

Hot Rod Sparkle Colors

  • Large pearl-flakes that create a coarse pearl-effect just under that of metal-flake.
  • Apply with a 0.5mm or larger tip-size airbrush.
  • W420 Hot Rod Sparkle White is a transparent flake that mixes and color-keys well with any color.
  • For a clean, metallic white, mix W420 Hot Rod Sparkle White with W360 Metallic White Fine in equal parts, add ~ 25% 4050 Clear and apply over 6001 Sealer White.

Cosmic Sparkle Colors

Small sized pearl-flake colors that create a more uniform, subtle pearl-flake effect compared to Hot Rod Sparkle Colors.

  • Cosmic Sparkle Colors are an 8-sided, uniform crystals that allow for an even, uniform orientation that is a more refined effect compared to Hot Rod Sparkle.
  • Spray through a 0.5mm and a 0.3mm airbrush tip-size or 1.2mm / 1.3mm spray-gun tip-size.
  • Cosmic Sparkle Colors are automotive OEM, Xiralliac pearls. The Cosmic Sparkle pearl-flakes orientate evenly.
  • Cosmic Sparkle Colors mixed with candy2o create excellent candy-pearl colors.

Hi-Lite Interference

Accent pearls with a soft pearlescent effect. Best applied in one or two very light coats to create a pearl glow visible under direct light.

  • Similar to the shimmering effect of pearlescent fish scale,

Perfect for painting fishing lures and baits.

  • Apply Hi-Lite Interference Colors over metallic or pearlescent colors for additional, pearlescent dimension.
  • Apply one or two light coats of W404 Hi-Lite Blue or W405 Purple over a metallic base such as 6013 Silver Sealer for an incredible silver that glows in direct light.

Wicked Flair Colors

Color-shifting pearl-flakes suspended in a transparent base.

  • Flair Colors are concentrated. Mix with 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear to extend, and thin as needed with 4011 Reducer.
  • Flair colors are traditionally applied over a black base such as AutoBorne 6002 Sealer Black.

Detail Colors

Detail Colors are an artist palette of colors made with a smaller sized acrylic resin-particle (a sub-micron size sheer) for better atomization and flow at lower psi settings.

  • Dry to a matte gloss-level (other Wicked Colors which dry to a satin finish).
  • More translucent compared to standard Wicked Colors.

4004 Transparent Base

Transparent resin base to Wicked Colors.

  • Appears milky in solution and dries to a clear finish.
  • Add 4004 in any ratio to Wicked Colors to extend paint for increased transparency without lessening the resin load, for example use 404 Transparent Base to greatly extend colors for rock or wood stain colors. Adding 4004 to colors allows them to be extended to a weak tint strength of the color without affecting adhesion.


Wicked Colors are a multi-surface paint and can be used in a wide variety of applications, and are compatible for use with most any primer, paint, and clear type. For how to use Wicked Colors, refer to both:

  • Hard-Surface & Automotive Application Guide
  • Textile, Leather and Flexible Substrates Guide

Always test first before using on an actual project. A test panel is recommended any time trying a new paint, clear or technique.

For painting hard-surface, rigid substrates such as plastic, aluminum, 3-D print composite and over primer, paint and existing finishes, add either 4030 Balancing Clear or 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear ~ 10% per volume to Wicked Colors, then thin as needed with 4011 Reducer.

For painting textile and fabric, Wicked Colors work direct from the bottle or with thinning with 4011 Reducer.

For painting flexible substrates such as latex and rubber, mix Wicked Colors with 5092 Flex Additive.

  • For latex and other very flexible substrates, mix 5092 Flex Additive ~ 20% per volume with Wicked Colors, and thin as needed with 4011 Reducer.
  • For increased durability, add 4030 Balancing Clear

~ 10% per volume to the Wicked Colors + 5092 Flex Additive mix and thin as needed with 4011 Reducer.

Drying and Cure Times

Times set at ~ 70⁰F (21⁰C), 50% Humidity.
Allow for more dry time in cooler or more humid conditions.

  • Re-Coat Time, 15-minutes
  • Time to Tape, 60-minutes
  • Time to Clear Coat, 4-hours
  • Full Cure, 48-hours


If using heated air, do not force air directly at paint. Run a fan to move air across the painted surface.


Dry sand only. Sanding is not required prior to top-coating with clear or other paint type. When mixed with 4030 or 4050, Wicked Colors shave best when sanded with 800 - 1000 grit sandpaper. Scratch marks will show through final clear after sanding. Hide scratch marks with a light coat or two of color.


Wicked Colors are compatible with all other Createx paints and clears. Wicked Colors are also generally compatible with any other type of water-based and solvent-based paint.

Scuffing Createx paints is not required before applying other Createx paints. For example, Wicked colors can be applied over AutoBorne Sealer without sanding or scuffing the Sealer for adhesion.

Over solvent-based paints and primer, prepare by sanding with 600 – 800 grit sandpaper, or a coarse scuff pad. Clean with either a solvent-based degreaser or isopropyl alcohol. Do not use a water-based cleaner to clean a surface prior to applying a water-based paint such as Wicked Colors.

When using Wicked Colors with solvent-based paints & clears, allow each to cure, (dry thoroughly for an extended period of at least 1 hour), prior to applying the next paint-type.

Storage & Shelf-Life After Reducing Paint

The best practice is to keep Wicked Colors capped airtight at all times unless actually pouring paint from the bottle.

  • Only add 4011 Reducer to Wicked Colors intended for application within a 48-hour period.
  • Keep colors stored in a cool dark environment away from direct light and heat, sch as a cabinet or a box stored in a closet.
  • Adding 4030 Balancing Clear or 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear does not affect shelf-life. It is only until after 4011 Reducer is added that Wicked Colors have a limited shelf life.