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AK 3rd Gen AK Field Grey Uniform Set

AK 3rd Gen AK Field Grey Uniform Set

SKU: AK11627

by AK Interactive

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This 3Gen set includes a selection of tones for painting modern uniforms used by soldiers of armies like US, British, Russian or other countries around the world.

Field grey was widely used throughout the various uniforms of the Wehrmacht, Fallschirmjäger (Paratroopers) and others troops, such as tank crews, and Special Forces. or other countries around the world.

These colors can be mixed to get several different tones for shadows and lights, because all these uniforms can have different worn tones.

With this set the modeller will be able to paint different uniforms easily.

This set contains

  • AK11153 Field Grey Shadows Green Variant (Extra Dark Green).
  • AK11425 Field Grey Base 1 (Green Uniform).
  • AK11424 Field Grey Lights Green Variant (Grey Green).
  • AK11025 Field Grey Shadow Grey Variant (German Grey).
  • AK11423 Field Grey Base 2 (Grey Uniform).
  • AK11426 Field Grey Lights Grey Variant (Grey Blue)

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Customer Reviews

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Stefan Giorio (Vernon, CA)
Good kit

Contains six paints, 3 for green uniforms and 3 for grey uniforms. Works good for any sort of WW2 German uniforms.