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Createx Fluorescent Sunburst

Createx Fluorescent Sunburst

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by Createx

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5410 Createx Neon Fluorescent Airbrush Colors  - Sunburst

Neon colors which emit a glow (fluoresce). Neon Fluorescent Colors work best over a white base such as Createx Opaque White or AutoBorne Sealer White.

  • Neon Fluorescent colors are not light-fast. The colors fluorescence is due to the pigment being in a rapid state of decay.
  • Neon Fluorescent colors are not intended for permanent finishes. For best results apply over a color-keyed base color to hide fade of Neon Fluorescent pigment.
  • Neon Fluorescent Colors are very transparent out of the bottle and may be reduced with 5601 Transparent Base or Reducer to increase transparency and assist flow & atomization with smaller airbrush tip-sizes.
  • Add 4030 Mix Additive to Createx Airbrush Colors for improved spray performance and adhesion on plastic, vinyl and application onto hard-surfaces.

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Marlon Vezina (Montreal, CA)

Fluorescent Sunburst