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Candy 2o Emerald Green

Candy 2o Emerald Green

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by Auto Air Colors

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Candy₂O by Createx Colors Emerald Green

Candy₂O are water-based, dye color concentrates intended for mixing with a carrier such as 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear and reduced with 4011 Reducer

candy2o are metal-complex dyes, which are light-fast stable and suitable for exterior applications such as automotive refinishing. While not lightfast like a pigment-based color, candy2o are not fugitive like a fluorescent and will last for many years with limited exposure to direct light, such as a candy paint job on a car or motorcycle that is driven and parked outside on sunny days, but otherwise garaged. Candy2o’s dye type, metal complex, is more light-stable compared to other dye-types, both solvent-based and water-based.

candy2o are concentrated and appear dark in solution. After top-coated with a gloss clear, candy2o appear bright vibrant over a metallic base, and the 100% transparent nature of the color will be apparent.

4040 Bleed Checker should be used prior to Clear Coating to prevent bleed back.  If reducing 4040 for use with a smaller needle/nozzle combination, more layers/coats of 4040 should be used. 

candy2o are 100% transparent colors, intended for application as a mid-coat over a metallic base such as AutoBorne 6013 Silver Sealer, or other pearls/metallics candy2o can also be mixed directly with pearl colors, such as Wicked Hot Rod & Cosmic Sparkle Colors.

candy2o spray excellent as an airbrush dye-color that builds to a darker value the more the color is applied, allowing for well-blended transitions and techniques where colors are built to their darkest value.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rob Hourigan (Burnaby, CA)
Candy 2 O Emerald Green

These candy colours are great and really stand out when clear coated. Just make sure you apply Bleed Checker over it sufficiently if you're going to paint over it, otherwise you will get bleed through.

Dominique Hudon (Guelph, CA)
Candy paint

I have not used it yet as i am waiting on a new compressor and paint guns and a few more colors, but your store has amazing shipping and always there for questions will do buisness again and again

Rick Rogers (Calgary, CA)
Emerald green candyO

Great colour used it for leafs and tree branches. Blends well and no issues with spray gun.