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Mack Brushes


DC Micro Mono - Set of 5

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DC Micro Mono by DeWayne Connot (DC-MM)

When you’re working on Rat Finks, eyeballs, monsters, etc these brushes will prove themselves invaluable. Make quick work of all your detail work, faster and easier.

These brushes work great with enamels, acrylics, oils, they will work with just about any other medium.

  • China blue squirrel hair. It’s a natural, soft haired brush with just the right snap! Doing small letters will never be easier when you use this brush.

Customer Reviews

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Rob Turner
Very soft nice edge

I'll start by saying this is one the nicest companies I've ever delt with. Amazing people selling quality products at a fair price with super fast shipping.
These brushes are so soft. Exactly what I was looking for. Synthetic brushes have their place too but sometimes you need small detail brushes made of squirrel hair that hold a lot of paint that flows beautifully off the brush. Another thing I really like about these brushes is the almost perfect chiseled edge similar to a quill brush. So these brushes work very well for small lettering too. Thank you Maple Airbrush!