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Celebrating 10 Years! Free shipping @$ 150.00 *exclusions apply


DSPIAE Portable Electric Sanding Pen

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DSPIAE Portable Electric Sanding Pen

Lightweight and portable | Efficient charging | Classic color

Product includes:

  • DSPIAE portable polishing pen (1)
  • Inner Hexagon "7" Wrench (1)
  • USB-Type-C power cord (1)
  • Dome double cut grinding head (1)

For various usage applications. Quickly sand large resin pieces, drill holes to create battle damage, add creative modifications to plastic rods. There are even more creative ways to use this tool for you to discover!

It is the size of a pen and easy to carry. The three-speed speed adjustment is suitable for diversified sanding needs. It can charge to 80% in 30 minutes and be fully charged in 60 minutes. Suitable for mainstream 3.0mm shank grinding heads.

The precision-machined chuck makes it have good concentricity, and the rotation centre of the grinding head is always kept on the same straight line to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the grinding operation.

The charging port adopts a USB Type-C interface. It needs to be charged with a standard power adapter or computer USB port. When fully charged, it will automatically turn off the charging indicator.

Attention: Do not use a fast charging source adapter to charge.

Packing Size: 129 x 69 x 22mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Larry Neil
Sanding Pen = 5 stars

Cordless freedom of movement...compact to reach area's with minimal access...quiet and excellent feel for removing plastic/resin on scale models. Didn't take long for this DSPIAE product to put a smile on my face.

Gary Edmundson
DSPIAE Portable Electric Sanding Pen

The DSPIAE Portable Electric Sanding Pen is one of the best tools I've come across in many years of scale modelling. I was impressed with the small size and gentle control it offered for working with resin and plastic parts. I wish I'd had this tool a long time ago.