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Eclipse HP-BCS Set

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Reliable and high-performing airbrush, the Eclipse's high flow allows better atomization for more viscous liquid with less reduction.  This brush is ideal for airbrush tattoo and body painting artist, scale models and landscapes, murals, textile/t-shirt, cake decorating and much more.
  • 0.5mm Needle and nozzle combination
  • 2 oz. Siphon feed bottle
  • Dual-action trigger
  • Spray pattern from hairline to 2in.(50mm)
  • Single Cut-Away handle
  • Adjustable Main Lever Tension
  • Drop-in self-centering nozzle
  • Solvent Resistant O-ring

Recommendation:It's a good idea to keep a spare needle/nozzle on hand. There is nothing worse then being in the middle of a project and your needle/nozzle gets damaged and you have no spare on hand. Click here for spare/replacement parts

iwata Eclipse Syphon Feed Dual Action Set HP-BCS:

HP-BCS Tip Size  Nozzle Part # Nozzle Cap Part# Needle Part #
Standard .50    I-604-1    I-602-1    I-617-1
Optional .35    I-604-2
   I-602-2    I-617-2