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Elastic Masking Putty

SKU AK8076
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AK Interactive Elastic Masking Putty

Reusable camouflage elastic putty for masking areas when airbrushing or painting.

This Specially designed elastic putty will not stain, or leave residue on any surface, it can be easily removed without damaging other painted areas.

The best elastic putty is the perfect product for protecting areas that you don't want to paint, protect small detailed areas,  it can be adapted to any surface and allows both to make camouflages and to mask areas that don’t want to be painted

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Customer Reviews

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AK Camouflage Elastic Putty

I purchased this putty a few weeks ago as an assist in painting disruptive camouflage patterns on model aircraft and vehicles. I found that it was better than Blue Tac or Clever Putty for several reasons. The AK putty offered twice as much putty as compared to Clever Putty. Once a sample was removed from its tin container it was quite easy to stretch and roll the sample in such a way as to define the pattern on the model. Equally, more of the putty can be stretched to a thin mask and applied over areas that ought not to get the various camouflage colours applied. Once used, the putty is easy to roll together and replace in its tin container. Overall, the pattern as applied was neat and easy to define while the putty itself was equally easy to remove from the model, reroll prior to fitting into its container, and ready to go the next day with no difficulties. Highly recommended!