Flake King Airbrush


Flake King Airbrush Adapter:

This adapter is a must have for anyone who airbrushes. Made of a light weight aluminium, this adapter is a great way to apply metal flake, dry pearls and dry special effect products to your projects. 

This gun will save you time and materials. The smaller airbrush adapter would be ideal for smaller projects such as R/C cars, scale modelers; and designs more control less material waste. 

The Airbrush Adapter works with gravity or siphon feed airbrushes.

  • Simply apply a wet coat of clear and then spray the dry flake while your clear is wet, you will achieve almost 100% in a single application.
  • When you have the desired effect , grab you your clear gun and turn the air pressure up blowing air only  blow the flake flat onto/into the clear. This will ensure that you will have almost no flake protruding through the clear.
  • Because your flake is flat you will use far less clear coat to bury it. saving time and material costs!

* Airbrush not included

Customer Reviews

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I just received this in the mail, I've wanted one forever since I seen the Flake Buster in action on YouTube. Whoever recreated this unit read my damn mind!!! The build quality of this is beautiful and works perfect.

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