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HC7677: HI-Impact Clear


Size: Quart
Hardener: 7605 Medium

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Hi-Impact Clear Kits include:
  • HI-IMPACT clear coat
  • HH-7605 Hardener (Medium)
  • This clear is ideal for ALL Extreme Sports. The MOST Durable clear TAMCO makes! Formulated to be top-coated over custom airbrush work. When you have hundreds of hours into custom airbrush designs, you need a clear that can protect that investment.

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    For Professional Use Only
    Proper Ventilation and fresh air respirator Required
    Not for sale or use by the general public

    This specially formulated Clear was made to take a beating

    • Hockey Masks
    • Race Car Helmets
    • Hard Hats
    • Snowboard
    • Surf Boards
    • Skate boards,
    • Everything in the BMX world that needs clear for durability,
    • Dirt Bikes, Race Cars, Baja Trucks, everyone who participates in the X-Games, Paintball.
    • Fishing Lures, Baits, Cranks AND Custom Painted Fishing Rods!
    Before using any Tamco products be sure to read all safety warnings, directions and MSDS. 

      Mix Ratio: 4:1 Component Volume Hi-Impact

      • Viscosity: 18-20 seconds in #2 Zahn Cup
      • Pot Life: 6 hours at 70 degrees

      Gun Setups

      • Conventional Siphon Feed: 1.5 mm - 1.7 mm (0.059" - 0.067")
      • Gravity Feed: 1.4 mm - 1.6 mm (0.055" - 0.063")
      • HVLP Siphon Feed: 1.6 mm - 1.7 mm (0.063" - 0.067")

      Air Pressures

      • Conventional Siphon Feed: 25-35 psi at the gun
      • Gravity Feed: 25-35 psi at the gun
      • HVLP 6-8 psi at the gun Application:

      Flash/Dry Times (Air Dry):

      • Flash Between Coats: 15-20 minutes Dust Free: 15 minutes
      • Time to Assemble 8 hours
      • Time to Polish 8 hours
      • Time to Stripe 8 hours
      • Time to Deliver 8 hours
      • Time to Decal 8 hours Flash/Dry Times (Bake @ 140F)

      Allow the base-coats to dry 15-30 minutes

      30 minutes if applying multiple coats of pearl or if shop is below 70F. Apply 2 medium-wet coats of HI-IMPACT with 15-20 minutes flash between coats.

      Do not apply more clear after 1 hour from completion.

      This product "flows" and you will notice "orange-peel" level off by itself. Can be buffed for up to 7 days (at 70 degrees) after overnight dry.

      After 12 hours, this product is 90-95% cured and can be buffed, striped or delivered. We do not recommend baking, but can be baked at 140 for 20 minutes and is 95% cured (to buff or deliver) in 3 hours after cool down Allow 2 weeks for TOTAL CURE

      Flash Before Bake:

      • 5-10 minutes Cycle Time 20 minutes at 140F metal temperature Dust Free At cool down
      • Time to Assemble At cool down
      • Time to Polish 180 minutes after cool down
      • Time to Stripe 60-180 minutes after cool down
      • Time to Deliver 3 hours after cool down

      Polishing - Optimum Times -

      • Air Dry: 12 hours @ 70F
      • Bake: 180 minutes after cool
      • Sanding: Use 1500 grit or finer or use 1500 DA or finer
        • Compounding: Use finishing compound.
        • Apply a thin ribbon of material to the area to be polished.
        • Use a double sided wool pad or a foam pad. Maintain air polisher or variable speed polisher at 1800- 3000 rpm.
        • Remove excess finishing compound with a clean soft cloth prior to applying finishing polishing.

      Safety: Before using any Tamco products be sure to read all safety warnings and MSDS. Please read all directions carefully.For professional use only.

      Technical Data & Physical Properties:

      Color Clear Sprayable Viscosity 18-20 sec. #2Z
      Pot Life 4-8 hour
      Mix Ratio 4:1
      Weight Solids 50% Volume Solids 45%
      Gloss Excellent
      Weight per Gallon 8.10 lbs
      Color Holdout Excellent
      Humidity Resistance Excellent
      Flash Point <25'F
      Solvent Resistance Excellent
      Package VOC 3.25 lbs/gal
      Repairability Excellent
      RTS VOC 3.50 lbs/gal
      Florida Exposure Excellent
      Chip Resistance Excellent

      Before using any Tamco products be sure to read all safety warnings, directions and MSDS.
      For professional use only. Not for sale or use by the general public

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Used on goalie mask

      Great clear finish and cured hard. No yellow colour like other clear coats. Used on ice and just puck marks no cracks. Great product.

      Tamco High Impact

      I haven't had a chance to try out the Tamco High Impact but the shiipping and purchase from Maple Airbrush was 5 star. Thanks!

      John Pol
      Great for model cars

      Try this amazing clear on my model car with a NEO trigger airbrush and it went on great what a shine

      Evolution Kustom Paint

      Great service ice and fast shipping...and Tamco High Impact clear is the only clear I use on goalie masks and helmets...highly recomend both the great product and this awesome Canadian supplier.

      Scott Bahr
      Tamco Hi-Impact Clear

      This is an excellent clear for small jobs requiring added durability such as goal masks. Easy to use as it is a 4:1 mix, and very easy to spray. The product levels out nicely and did not require any polishing after application, which was a bonus.