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iwata by Anest iwata


Hi-Line: HP-BH

  • The Iwata HP-BH is a professional detail brush recommended for the experienced and comes equipped with MAC valve technology to provide extreme control of ultra fine detail. This unprecedented control is appreciated by artists who generally use small quantities of medium and well suited to fine art, cosmetics and gives a hands-down edge to the finger nail artist.

    • 0.20 mm Needle and nozzle combination
    • PTFE needle packing (solvent proof)
    • 1/16 oz. (1.8 ml) tapered cup
    • Micro Air Control (MAC) valve technology
    • Dual Action
    • Spray Pattern hairline to 3/4 in. (20mm) Round
    • Cut-away, pre-set handle
    • One-piece auxiliary lever/needle chucking guide
  • Paint Reservoir Needle/Nozzle Trigger Action Spray Pattern
    1/16 oz. (1.8 ml) Gravity Feed Cup 0.20 mm Screw-In Nozzle Dual-Action Hairline to 3/4 in. (20-mm) Round
    Features Optional Features Product Name Item No.
    • Micro Air Control (MAC) Valve
    • Replaceable PTFE Needle Packing
    • Pre Set, Cut-Away Handle
    • One-piece auxiliary lever/needle chucking guide
    • Adjustable Main Lever Tension
    • 0.30 mm Screw-In Nozzle
    • Crown Cap
    Iwata Hi-Line HP-BH H-2100
    HP-BH Tip Size Nozzle Nozzle Head Needle O-Ring Notes
    Standard 0.20 mm I-080-7 I-140-7 I-075-1
    Optional 0.30 mm I-080-8 I-140-3 I-075-3 I-125-7

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best For thin lines
iwata by Anest iwata Hi-Line: HP-BH Great Airbrush