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Hi-Line: HP-TH

  • The iwata HI-Line TH is the first airbrush to create both a round-pattern and fan-pattern spray. The HP-TH offers, total control of specialized spray patterns from a fine controlled spray to a medium-wide spray, making quick work of those larger areas. The MAC valve offers incremental control of the airflow, no more stopping and adjusting the PSI on/at the compressor, a simple turn of the MAC Valve on the airbrush is all that is needed. The MAC valve also offers varied stippling effects by adjusting the airflow. The iwata Hi-Line TH (formally known as the Kustom K-TH) delivers unprecedented control of the fan pattern with a minimum of over-spray giving it a unique advantage over mini touch up guns. (fan pattern requires compressor with at least 1.2 cfm)

    • 0.50 mm Needle / Nozzle combination
    • round and fan pattern Air Cap
    • PTFE Needle packing (replaceable)
    • 1/2 oz. (14 ml) Removable gravity feed fluid cup & lid
    • MAC Valve (Micro Air Control)
    • Spray-gun trigger design
    • Pre-set handle
  • Paint Reservoir Needle/Nozzle Trigger Action Spray Pattern
    1/2 oz. (14 ml) Removable Gravity Feed Cup 0.50 mm screw in nozzle Spray-gun Trigger Design
    • Fan: 1in. - 2.5 in.
    • Round: 1/8 in. - 2.0 in.
    Features Optional Features Product Name Item No.
    • Micro Air Control (MAC) Valve
    • Fan + Round Nozzle Caps
    • Replaceable PTFE Needle Packing
    • Pre-Set, Cut-Away Handle
    • Adjustable Main Lever Tension
    • Taller Trigger Design
    Iwata Hi-Line TH H-5200
    K-TH Tip Size Nozzle Nozzle Cap Needle Part Guide Notes
    Standard 0.50 mm I-081-1 I-110-5, I-110-6 I-075-7 parts guide #1
    Reference Description Item No.
    Note: #1 Fan pattern requires compressor with at least 1.2 cfm

Customer Reviews

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Outil de travail excellent

Satisfaite de mon achat!! Merci pour les bons conseil que l'on ma donnés, service à la clientèle vraiment exceptionnel.

Great services!

I sas looking for parts of a Iwata HP BE i bought over 35 years ago and i was amaze to find it at Maple airbrush.
Delivery was quick and everything in perfect order. Thank again for having those parts still availlable!


Fantastic! Shipping was fast and the airbrush is perfect!

Simply amazing

Using this great air brush is like learning how to write but with a smooth pen rather than a stick. Simply worth the purchase.

Iwata HPTH

Just received my new addition to the Iwata team. Love the HP-TH, awesome for intercoating between masking. Thanks Donna and Elyssa!