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3G Iraq & Afghanistan

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A 3rd Generation acrylic paint set featuring the eight colors that are essential for painting models of US Army and US Marine Corps vehicles used during World War II.

The selected colors allow for reproduction of almost every camouflage scheme used by the American forces throughout the conflict, from the uniform finishes in Olive Drab or Ocean Gray, through the unusual desert schemes employed in Tunisia and Sicily, to the striking multi-color patterns applied by the Marines in the Pacific theatre of operations.

This set contains:

  • AK11361 New Iraqi Army Sand.
  • AK11362 British Sand Yellow.
  • AK11349 Carc Tan 686A (FS33446).
  • AK11326 RAL 8031 F9 Sandbraun.
  • AK11325 RAL 1039 F9 Sandbeige.
  • AK11323 RAL 6040 F9 Helloliv.
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