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LifeLine Color Set

Size: 1oz.

The LifeLine Flesh Tone Colors make matching realistic and expressionist skin tones much easier! With the delayed cross-linking feature erase/texture up to 24 hours after painting.Need some skin textures? Check out Gerald Mendez Nano Stencil 

LifeLine Colors are transparent and dry to a matte finish. Illustration Colors may be sprayed direct from the bottle or thinned with 4011 , 4013 or 4020 .

For hard-surface application: mix 4030 Balancing Clear with Illustration Colors for an excellent automotive/hard surface adhesion. When mixed with 4030 Balancing Clear, Illustration Colors do not soft erase. 4030 is recommended when painting Automotive/plastics/3d Printing projects and other hard surfaces

Refer to Illustration Colors Technical Data Sheet for more information.

14 colors Plus 2 Additives are included in this set:

Light Olive Gold
Olive Gold
Deep Blush
Deep Olive Gold
Light Natural
Light Espresso
Deep Natural
Deep Espresso
Natural Lip
Fair Blush
Cool Tone
  • Reducer
  • 5092 Flexible Adhesion Promoter