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Mr. Finishing Surfacer Black

Mr. Finishing Surfacer Black

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by Mr Hobby

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Mr. Finishing Surfacer Black 1500 

This primer is a great choice it will not hide or cover and details.

  • Elimination of minor scratches irregularities, and small defects and to give a smooth surface structure before final painting.
  • diluted/reduce/thin with a solvent  thinner

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Colin Kunkel (Saskatoon, CA)

Ordered Mr Surfacer 1500 Black.....had ordered two, but only one was shipped. Apologized for the oversight and sent the missing bottle and I got it a couple of days later. No biggie, but they were quick to rectify the situation.

Ian Hill (Saskatoon, CA)
Mr Surfacer 1500

Same perfect customer service as always. Cannot buy this back home so very glad Maple Airbrush has what I need.