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Winter Shipping Policy is in Effect!
Winter Shipping Policy is in Effect!

Pistol Grip Moisture Filter

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Iwata Pistol Grip Moisture Filter

The iwata pistol grip Moisture filter is the final defence to deliver clean, dry air to your airbrush.  The Pistol-Grip Filter also acts as a handle on the airbrush to relieve muscle tension.

  • Super fine .5 micron filter element performs like a full size filter separator
  • The clear filter bowl allows a visual inspection of any built-up moisture and is easily evacuated through a spring-loaded release valve - without removing the filter from the airbrush.
  • Comfortable in the hand to use
  • Miniature in size

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Nick Allain-clarke

Pistol Grip Moisture Filter

Iwata pistol grip moisture trap

Purchased the Iwata pistol grip moisturize trap for my Iwata Eclipse HP-CS. Makes holding it nice and comfortable now. I run the airbrush with a Iwata Power Jet Pro compressor which has inline moisture traps, however because I paint in a colder garage in during winter, it doesn’t hurt to have some additional insurance. Overall very happy with the product

Dan Kennerley
Moisture Filter & Mac Valve

Moisture filter works great, love the idea of extra constant dry air! & the mini Mac valve works great too between the two it also makes a perfect sized handle while attached to my eclipse hp-cs, although my work is just as good with using and adjusting the airflow to my airbrush on the fly on the air compressor and trigger control as it is by using the mini Mac valve its just more convenient like the built in ones like on the micron 👍 just curious if i should keep using the mini mac valve under my airbrush or adjusting the airflow on the air compressor? and using a quick disconnect, I find using all three makes the handle a little to big and gets in the way of art projects! Thanks again maple team for the great service and getting my supplies to me ASAP!

larry shepelwik

Not used enough to form for an accurate opinion

Mike O'Brien aka MOB
Awesome product and service, AS ALWAYS!

I love that Donna and Elyssa always have the best brands at competitive prices and with that EXCEPTIONAL Maple Airbrush Supplies service that we have come to know and love over the years! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💯💯💯👊💥