Pistol Grip Moisture Filter


Iwata Pistol Grip Moisture Filter

The iwata pistol grip filter is the final defense to deliver clean, dry air to your airbrush. An extremely useful device if you work in a high humidity environment or if your compressor doesn't have a working moisture trap (or you forget to empty it as often as you should).

  • Super fine .5 micron filter element performs like a full size filter separator
  • The clear filter bowl allows a visual inspection of any built-up moisture and is easily evacuated through a spring-loaded release valve - without removing the filter from the airbrush.
  • The Pistol-Grip Filter also acts as a handle on the airbrush to relieve muscle tension
  • Comfortable in the hand to use
  • Miniature in size

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Much needed addition to my airbrush

Living on the west coast humidity and moisture is always a concern when airbrushing. Adding this in line moisture filter was a good addition to my airbrush. Shipping was fast and everything arrived in excellent packaging. Satisfied customer.

Amazing service and helpful knowledge

MAS was incredible to work with and they knew exactly what I needed to keep my airbrush running and my miniatures leaving the table. Will always turn to them in the future...

Teras I Cassidy
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