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iwata: Power Jet Lite

IS-925 Iwata Power Jet Lite

Iwata Studio Series Compressor

The Power Jet Lite has 2x the power in comparison to the iwata Smart Jet compressor and also features:

  • Powerful twin-pump 1/6 Hp motor
  • Adjustable pressure regulator 
  • Working Pressure: 1-50 PSI
  • Moisture filter
  • Straight Shot Air Hose (6ft)
  • Built-in airbrush holder
  • Auto Shut off:  automatically shut off when not in use.
  • Produces full-capacity air on demand
  • Inherently quieter in public environments 
  • Zero-maintenance
  • oil-less piston compressor 12 month manufacture's warranty
  • Strong protective outer case Smart Jet Technology