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Quick Disconnect Set

includes the two fittings needed for a quick connect or quick disconnect between the airbrush and air hose without the cumbersome need to shut off the compressor, bleed the air line or the relentless screwing and unscrewing of parts. The advantages are many:


  • Convenient even with a one airbrush and one air hose setup
  • Connects Iwata airbrushes to any Iwata air hose with a simple push to 'click' into place
  • Automatically shuts off the air flow upon disconnect and re-establishes the air flow upon re-connect
  • The hose joint stays with the air hose while the airbrush adaptor stays with the airbrush
  • Purchase and attach additional 'male' adaptors (Part# I-160-4) to each of your other Iwata airbrushes for a smooth and versatile operation
Simple QD Setup
  • Screw the [QD Airbrush Adaptor] to the [Iwata Airbrush]
  • Screw the [QD Hose Joint] to the [Iwata Air hose]
  • To quick connect simply push parts together to 'Snap' them into place
  • To quick disconnect simply pull back the sleeve on the [QD Hose Joint] and the airbrush simply releases from the air hose

  • Steps 1 and 2 are usually a one time thing and perhaps the most complicated of the instruction set
    Steps 3 and 4 are simply fun