SharpenAir Needle Sharpener


SharpenAir Airbrush Needle Repair Tool

This is the first and only hand-held device that is specifically designed for repairing bent and damaged airbrush fluid needles. The concept and design was created by Chad Elliot especially for the airbrushing community. SharpenAir works by utilizing multiple angles allowing your damaged needle to be straightened efficiently and with precision each and every time while maintaining its factory angle. There are four channels that are uniquely angled to do the work for you. The sharpener stones are made up of varying grit and work together to provide you with a consistently perfect finish.

How to use your SharpenAir

Although the SharpenAir™ is quick and easy to use it is helpful to read our instructions before your first use to ensure proper sharpening of your airbrush fluid needle.

SharpenAir contains four sharpening stones in its main compartment area where the logo is embossed. There are four "slots" or "channels" which run from the base of the sharpener vertically to the end of the sharpener.

Working your needle from right to left:

Step 1: Place the needle in the slot (far right) allowing the needle to reach the end of the slot. With minimal pressure begin rotating the needle in a clockwise direction; about 10-15 revolutions. Pull the needle out and check the tip. You may need to repeat this step a few times to achieve the desired straightness and/or until the burr is removed.

Step 2: This slot is at less of an angle than Step 1 and uses a less aggressive stone. Using the same amount of revolutions as step 1 (10-15), this step eases the angle even further in order to reach stock angle. This process will also help in removing some of the step one sand scratches. Step 3 and Step 4 are designed utilizing the same angle.

Step 3: contains a sanding stone consisting of a lower grit to quickly reshape the entire cone if needed. This step is optional. Smaller repairs may be completed at Step 2, however, a more damaged needle may utilize all steps in order to be completely sharpened.

Step 4: contains a higher grit sharpening stone and will further sand out the scratches from Step 3.

- If you have any further questions on how to operate your SharpenAir please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!

Quick tip:

  • SharpenAir sharpening stones are designed for you to receive maximum amount of use. They are each double-sided and can be rotated and flipped giving you the best results.
  • After sharpening your airbrush needle it may help to polish out the needle in order to avoid the onset of Dry Tip. An easy way of doing this is to use some metal polish, a cloth, a small piece of paper or 2000 grit sandpaper, and a drill. Add a little polish to the needle tip and place the needle tip inside the paper placed in between your finger and thumb, pinching the cone. Run the drill for 10-20 secs and repeat as many times as needed until the scratches have softened or smoothed. This step can be repeated using a soft cloth to further buff and polish your needle.

Customer Reviews

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Easy tool to use

My first buying experience with Maple Airbrush Supplies was great. Donna answered my questions quickly and professionally, and our exchanges were very friendly. I will definitely be a return customer.

I have already recovered 2 bent needles with the SharpenAir, it is very easy to use.


Works very well. When following the instructions, make sure you use 2000-grit paper to finish the job.

Had to use SharpenAir a couple days after receiving it.

Had to use SharpenAir a couple days after receiving it.Followed the instructions and it worked great. This is a money saver and would recommend SharpenAir to any one who owns a airbrush.

Absolutely love this product.

Absolutely love this product. It is a dream to use. From day one I turned it on to run base coats on a few larger pieces of scenery; ended up testing out the control of air pressure and it blew me away. From base coating to fine detail and everything in between. This product completely satisfies my hobby needs. This unit can handle small hobby projects to much larger projects. The automatic regulation is well implemented. Very efficient and quiet. Always recommend this product and will always support Maple Airbrush Supplies. Their customer service is next to none. Their knowledge and personable approach is why I keep coming back to them.

I was able to save about 40 to 45 percent of my bent needles.

I was able to save about 40 to 45 percent of my bent needles. If you don't expect miracles this tool is very handy for most minor bends.As we all know some brands of needles can be very pricey, so any fix is a win-win.

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