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Texture FX NANO

Texture FX NANO


by Artool

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Texture FX Stencil NANO Set

Artool Freehand Stencils and Templates 

This set includes 3 business card size templates. You simply release them from the frame.  The Frame can be used as a templates as well!

Designed by Gerald Mendez out of California, a master airbrush artist and Disney Company digital illustrator, with this stencil set add organic textures and hyper-living qualities to your artwork in minutes instead of hours, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination a MUST have for every artist!.

Produced with exacting laser-cut precision, these templates use a special metallic polymer-coated material and are SOLVENT RESISTANT. With proper care, Artool Templates will with stand years of repeated use. The more you use Texture FX® Templates the better they get!

Texture FX offers natural and organic effects that can quickly hyper activate your illustrations. Be creative with your stone, alien skin, moss or sea-foam.

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Customer Reviews

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Bob Gagnon (Langley, CA)
Great Product

Super handy & Durable for quick textures