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Detail Burnt Umber

Wicked Detail colors have a finer pigment grind then the Wicked Colors they are multi-surface airbrush paints suitable for textile, automotive & hard-surface, canvass, paper, plastic, wood and more.

  • Dries to a matte finish
  • Light-fast
  • Sprays smooth with a silky, finely atomized pattern and is self-leveling
  • Excellent adhesion and may be masked with automotive tape
  • Suitable for entire vehicle paint jobs or graphics
  • Inter-mixable to allow limitless color blends and effects inter-mixable

Reduce with 4011, 4012, 4020 for added durability mix 4030 Balancing Clear  can be over reduced


    The advantages of using Wicked Detail airbrush Colors over a urethane system:

    • Greater flexibility - more resistant to chipping and flaking.
    • No time windows to work under
    • Great performance
    • Easy clean-up
    • Cost and time savings
    • Safer to use Contain less than 0.01% VOC

    The Wicked line of paint are made with automotive specific pigments and binders. They are fully compatible with any automotive urethane clears, paints and primers

    Compared to Wicked Colors, Wicked Detail Colors are more transparent colors out of the bottle and a less viscous. Wicked Detail Colors cover well out-of-the-bottle and can be over-reduced in generous amounts to make thin, transparent colors perfect for detailing, low psi airbrushing through small tip-sizes. Wicked Detail Colors are made with light fast pigments and an exterior-grade resin which is universally compatible with all types of primers, paints and clears.

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