Flake King Metal Flake

Flake King Regal Metal Flake

A true Automotive Polyester Flake:  designed for use in solvent and water based binders/carriers and clears designed.

The versatile and brilliant metal flake light up in sunlight, they can be used in automotive applications as well as in casting resins, gel-coats, even in powder coating applications.

Using the Flake King Dry Flake gun you can spray any size flake through without the need for large guns with large needle nozzle size find the right Dry Flake gun here!

Metal Flake Guide - for mixing with a clear coat or other products

  • Ultra Small 0.002 (50 micron) Ultra Micro Flake lays down exceptionally easy using any .50 nozzle size
  • Small 0.004 (100 micron) Micro Flake is relatively easy to apply with a  .5mm
  • Medium 0.008 (200 micron) Medium Flake is relatively easy to apply with a minimum spray gun nozzle size of 1.2mm, not suitable for airbrushes
  • Large 0.015 (375 micron) Standard Flake can be applied with a 1.5mm conventional spray-gun nozzle size or the Flake King dry flake gun.