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Createx Colors


Illustration Yellow

Size: 2oz.

Illustration Colors offer the best performance spray through the finest detailed airbrush. Initially designed for the illustrator and fine artist in mind, it has proven to be very popular with automotive; mural and a wide range of other airbrush artists due to it's ease of use, spray-ability and light-fast automotive grade pigments.

Createx Illustration Colors Transparent Airbrush Paint
  • Highly pigmented; Transparent colors
  • Dries to a matte finish
  • Light fast; Automotive grade pigments

Illustration Colors will meet the expectations of artists who demand exacting airbrush performance straight from the bottle.

  • delayed curing cycle during which colors can me manipulated or erased to create textures and other effects.
  • 48 hours cure to a hard coating.
  • may be sprayed direct from the bottle or thinned with 4011 , 4013 or 4020 .
  • For hard-surface application, mix 4030 Balancing Clear, when mixed with 4030 Balancing Clear, Illustration Colors do not soft erase.
Refer to Illustration Colors Technical Data Sheet for more information.