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RLM76 Version 1

AK Interactive Real Colors RLM 76 Version 1 10ml

Part of the Luftwaffe Fighter Colors 1941 - 1944

  • These are the colors specified as the basic camouflage colors for Luftwaffe day fighter in late 1941. Two variants of the RLM76 are provided both being documented to be used for painting Luftwaffe Aircraft.
  • RLM74 was officially withdrawn mid 1944 al the list colors were still in use until the end of WW2
  • German Night-Fighter Aircraft

    Not just for military models this is a great color is for many other subjects such as sci-fi, Mecha, Gundaham, dioramas, ships etc

      AK Real Colors are a quality lacquer paint. They spray exceptionally well and are a low build paint enhancing details on your project. These paints are durable and will with stand aggressive weathering techniques.

      They are ready to spray, however you may thin with AK-Interactive’s thinner or other lacquer thinners