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Cuttlefish Colors We All Start Somewhere

Cuttlefish Colors We All Start Somewhere

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by Creature Caster

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Cuttlefish paints by Creature Caster

We All Start Somewhere contains 16 different paints that have been carefully curated by the Creature Caster team. Revolutionize how you approach painting miniatures.

This paint set contains the following:

  • Black Knight
  • Poor Boy Denim
  • Sir Rulean Blue
  • Kevin Brown
  • Peachy-keen
  • Up Chuck Green
  • Lush Valley
  • Ghoul Flesh
  • Ethereal Gray
  • Fireball Orange
  • Bubblegum Pink
  • Chromamancer Purple
  • Crawdaddy Red
  • White Knight
  • Tainted Snow
  • Bright Yellow

With these 16 paints, you can be sure that you will be well on your way to learning the basics of the Sketch n Glaze technique used by masters of the industry worldwide. These paints have been pre-formulated to ensure that you get the result that youre looking for when glazing your models.

it is recommended that you use our Merlins Magical Medium as a blending agent. It is specifically designed to work with Cuttlefish Colors Painting System, allow you to create a wide range of washes and filters for your models. It is also a fantastic medium to use when thinning your paints down for use in an airbrush.

Each paint is stored in a generously sized 22ml bottle, and comes complete with a precision control top for easy dispensing.

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Customer Reviews

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howard coates (Grande Prairie, CA)
Cuttlefish Colors, 'We all Start Somewhere"

Website for Maple Airbrush is easy to use and direct. Shipping was timely and cost effective. Love the paints, they are thin enough for airbrush and still work fine with a standard brush. Great color saturation and excellent for layering and glazing. Would highly recommend them for mini painting. My only problem is that they are sold out of the other sets atm and I would like to buy more!