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DSPIAE Epoxy Putty

DSPIAE Epoxy Putty



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DSPIAE Epoxy Modeling Putty

Easy Sculpting | Simple Mixing | Strong Bonding | Low Shrinkage

Easy Sculpting Designed for detailing, seam/gap filling on models. Easy to form with high plasticity and strong adhesion.

Three Color Options

Choose either gray, white, or peach coloured putty to suit your modeling needs.

Versatile Easy to Work With

Compatible with most modeling materials. Paste-like before curing for easy shaping. Low shrinkage when cured. Drill-able, sand-able, and paintable. Simple to Work With No special tools required. Water proof, easy to sand with strong adhesion once cured.


  • Keep this product stored in places out of reach of children.
  • Store in cool, dry place tightly sealed upon opening.
  • DO NOT let part A and part B touch each other until ready to use.
  • Best ambient temperature for this product is 20C-25C. Vaseline or water may be used to moisturize your finger that keeps putty from sticking to your skin.
  • Curing may be slowed down with ambient temperature drops below 10C and will completely stop when temperature is below 5C.
  • Part B may stiffen when temperature drops and will regain softness when heated.
  • Thorough sanding and cleaning is required on part surface for secure adhesion.

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