FBS: Micro Performance Tape


FBS PT43 Micro Performance Tape

This single coated stabilized crepe paper is very thin/ and features sharp edges for paint exact color separation. Exceptional for long straight lines, cornering, curves and on uneven surfaces.

Flames, tight turns and a great companion for working with transfer film or for airbrushing.

This Micro Tape is ideal for automotive, low rider designs, guitars, helmets, miniatures, models , RC there are just too many uses to mention let your imagination guide you!

Available in 3 different widths:

  • 1/32 x 28 yards (48702)
  • 1/28 x 28 yards (48703)
  • 1/24 x 28 yards (48704)

Customer Reviews

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Lesson well learned

This tape is fantastic! Nice sharp lines, awesome curve retention! I mean you can almost curve it back 180 degrees and not have a problem. But what really blew me away was the service when I called in Donna was beyond helpful. I will be ordering form maple for all of my needs. I can not recommend this company enough! Please bear with my amateur taping skills

FBS Micro Performance Tape

This tape is extremely thin and useful for jobs requiring a very thin masking line. Adhesive is very reliable and the tape will adopt a very small radius.

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