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Iwata HP-TH2 Gravity Feed Dual Action Trigger Airbrush

The HP-TH2 Gravity Feed Dual Action Trigger Airbrush is your bridge between an airbrush and mini spray gun in both capability and performance. The TH2 features a unique H6 head system easily atomizes a wide variety of spray medium including candy blends and metallic paints and the built-in micro air control (MAC) valve enables dynamic, incremental control of airflow without needing to adjust your compressor. Round-pattern and fan-pattern air caps give you options for covering large areas quickly and when combined with the MAC valve, produce an unmatched range of spray patterns and effects.

The HP-TH2 includes:

  • a colossal 5 oz / 150 ml center post fluid cup with lid, the largest of any Iwata airbrush, ideal for mixing large amounts of color with easy cleanup.
  • The preset handle feature allows you to set the spray output, increasing control and consistency while reducing finger fatigue.
  • fan & round pattern head system
  • slim-line ergonomic grip handle features a textured, non-slip grip that enhances control and reduces fatigue.
  • spray gun style trigger,  the TH2 is built to spray all day. Once you pop on the fan cap and open the MAC valve all the way up, you will be blown away by the coverage and spray range possible with the TH2.
  • Iwata nozzle spanner that is used to remove the nozzle for cleaning
  • Iwata Lube, which lubricates the needle and main lever mechanism.

Who sprays with the Iwata HP-TH2? Makers and creators who want…

  • Medium to extra wide coverage with an airbrush feel
  • Stipple patterns, splatter effects, and controlled fades
  • A colossal 5 oz / 150 ml removable cup
  • Round and fan spray pattern capabilities
  • MAC valve and preset handle features
  • An ergonomic, non-slip grip handle
  • To spray a wide variety of specialty paints
  • Large scale spraying compatible with our Low to High Pressure Output Category of compressors

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