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Celebrating 10 Years! Free shipping @$ 150.00 *exclusions apply
Celebrating 10 Years! Free shipping @$ 150.00 *exclusions apply


Mr Hobby Airbrush PS771

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$449.97 - $449.97
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Mr Hobby Mr. Procon Boy GSI Creos 

The Mr Hobby Mr Airbrush Custom 0.18mm (PS-771) is a gravity fed, double action airbrush with an 0.18mm nozzle & air pressure control. The 0.18mm nozzle makes this an ideal airbrush for ultra fine detail applications

As with all Mr Hobby Japanese manufactured airbrushes it’s finished to a high standard & offers excellent performance at a reasonable price.


  • 0.18mm Screw-In Nozzle
  • 10cc Gravity Cup and Lid
  • Air Pressure Control Valve
  • Graduated Pre-Set Handle
  • Cut-Away Handle
  • Crown Cap
  • Nozzle Removal Spanner
  • 1/8 BSP Air Valve Connection
Standard 1/8" BSP air-valve connection will fit IWATA, Sparmax, Harder & Steenbeck hoses and accessories

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I have had the airbrush for about a year and love it. It sprays beautifully and is great in fine detail work. Well worth the money for the great job it does.

Dan Kennerley
Creos ps771

This definitely gets a four out of 5 stars rating, the only thing, its not an iwata, if you own or ever sprayed through a tru iwata micron, you'll already know what i mean, but this ps 771 is really nice works well if you cant afford a micron like me yet, between the eclipse and the ps771, its filling the bill and completing my detail and hightlights on my work. Thanks again girls at maple airbrush supplies!

Best bang for $ AB

The Creos line of PS771, 270 and 289 are your best ABs for $ spent.
They have the same air chambers as Iwata custom microns, I believe Iwata actually manufactures them, some of the parts are interchangeable with CMs.

Hi Scott! Just want to let you know that iwata does not produce the Mr. Hobby airbrushes. They are manufactured by Mr. Hobby and not 're-branded'. It is not recommended to use iwata parts in a Mr. Hobby airbrush. We will have a full assortment of replacement parts in December direct from Mr. Hobby. Stay Tuned !