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AutoBorne Green Sealer


6010 AutoBorne Sealer Green

The starting foundation for any graphic, complete automotive or large-panel paint job. AutoBorne Sealers have incredible adhesion to any substrate including plastic, dry fast & level, and shave well when dry sanded with 1000 grit or finer sandpaper.

AutoBorne Sealers allow for quicker drying times. Not only do the sealers themselves dry quickly, subsequent coats of Auto Air Colors dry quicker as less material is required to cover when colors are color-keyed with AutoBorne Sealer.

AutoBorne Sealers features:
  • Compatible for use with any paint type including urethane, water-based and waterborne
  • Universally compatible with all automotive primers
  • VOC compliant in Canada, United States and Europe
  • Available in a full line of colors for color-keyed mid-coat application
  • May be used as a base coat and top-coated/cleared
  • Excellent durability and tenacious adhesion for long lasting paint jobs
  • Resists cracking and prevents bleed through from underlying fillers
  • Self-levelling
  • Quick to Dry
  • Easy to Sand
  • Does not require sanding prior to application of mid-coat paint and/or top-coat clear

Special Order sizes: 16oz, 32 and 1 gallon sizes please contact us

Auto Air AutoBorne Sealers: Preparation of Substrates:

  • If sanding is required, prepare surface with 600 - 800 grade sandpaper
  • If surface is sanded, wash off all residues with wax and grease remover
  • Clean all surfaces to be painted with wax and grease remover
  • Harder plastics such as polystyrene may require application of an adhesion promoter prior to application of sealer
  • Metal (except aluminium) requires a self-etching primer before application of AutoBorne sealer

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