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Airbrush Workshop 101

Time: 9:30am to 1:00pm

 This class will cover:

  • Different models of airbrushes
  • how to Disassemble and Reassemble
  • Cleaning & Maintaining your equipment
  • Types of Paint/Paint reductions 
  • Airbrush control and practicing drills
  • trouble shooting tips and tricks
  • surface prep (metal/plastic/textiles etc)
  • Primer application

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This class is for those that are struggling with airbrushing or who want to try airbrushing:

  • Not sure what airbrush to buy or what paints to use
  • Not sure what compressor to use 
  • Not sure why the airbrush keeps on clogging up every five seconds!
  • Not sure which paints to use with what reducers or ratios
  • You have an airbrush but skipped the basics 
  • You want to learn how to maintain/troubleshoot

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
maple airbrush workshop 101

good class size and lots of useful information

Intro to Airbrush

What a blast! Too notch equipment to learn with. Donna is a great teacher, knowledgeable and really helpful. I’d encourage anyone interested in airbrushing to take Donna’s course.

Airbrush 101

I went to Maple for an airbrush 101 course and it was more than I expected. Donna who owns and ran the course did a great job making sure we learned the basics so we could create a small project. I have attended airbrush courses before but this one was the first hands on with paint I have been to. I recommend it and the store to anyone in the pinstripe / airbrush world.

Fun class!

Great to find Maple and Donna; and to have a national supplier and experienced person to go to right here in Edmonton. Apparently the only one in Canada! Good information in the class if you want to know the ins and outs of the airbrush, literally. There is a time for listening and a time to play with the airbrush and paint. I learned a lot and am excited to begin using this medium in my artwork. Excellent beginner course.

Lots of info

A lot of basics in this workshop that would take time and money to learn otherwise.
I can hardly wait to get busy now! Thanks so much Donna!